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Who are Generation Solar?

Generation Solar was founded from a passion for renewable energy.  Our hope is that we can do our bit to help the future of our planet be clean and safe for future generations to come. 

We are a family run business with over 13 years experience in the solar industry. This wealth of solar experience has come from working in all areas of the solar industry.

Starting as a solar installer in 2010, Tom soon worked his way up to managing multi skilled teams with Bristol based companies, Ethical Solar and Your Power providing expert advise to all his domestic, commercial and construction clients. It was here he honed his skills, building a strong technical understanding.

Eilidh manages the company's finances with an excellent eye for detail. She works hard looking after the four children, six chickens, one cat and two allotments. Eilidh set up a Repair Cafe in Bude, which is still thriving today. She is always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

What we stand for?

Generation Solar's aim is to support our customers in all of their solar PV needs. 

We never hard sell, we simply provide an efficient service that takes you through the entire process from design and installation to ongoing maintenance. 

A pride of excelling on the quality of our installations, using the most up to date technologies to future proof your system.

We want our children to grow up on a clean and healthy planet. We feel one of the best ways for this to happen is putting solar on as many buildings as possible.

Our hope is the UK can move to a zero carbon economy with solar being at the forefront.

Get in contact with us today and start the first steps towards a clean, green future

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Donations to The Woodland Trust

We proudly support The Woodland Trust by making a donation for every single project that we complete.