Battery Storage

Solar PV on it’s own can be a great way to reduce your bills and help towards our planets climate, but by adding battery storage you can maximise your self consumption and reduce the reliance on the grid. 

Battery charging

There are more and more options for battery storage coming online all the time and with the cost coming down and capacity increasing, it is a great time to start installing battery storage. See below for just some of the options available to you.


Powerwall with Gateway 2

The best tech out when it comes to battery storage in the UK, the Tesla Powerwall 2 does it all. Using Lithium ion batteries with a 13.5kWhs of usable capacity and delivering 5kW’s of continuous power.

The Powerwall 2 now comes with a Gateway which will kick in as soon as there is a power cut providing a seamless supply of power keeping your lights on when everyone else are out.

Tesla Powerwall Certified installer

Generation Solar are proud to be an accredited Tesla Powerwall installer.